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Take your iPad and iPhone apps even further on Apple Vision Pro Discussion Topic

Jubair Hossin Babu

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Name: Take your iPad and iPhone apps even further on Apple Vision Pro
Category: Tech News
Date Added: 02/05/2024 07:55 AM
Author: Jubair Hossin Babu

A brand‑new App Store will launch with Apple Vision Pro, featuring apps and games built for visionOS, as well as hundreds of thousands of iPad and iPhone apps that run great on visionOS too. Users can access their favorite iPad and iPhone apps side by side with new visionOS apps on the infinite canvas of Apple Vision Pro, enabling them to be more connected, productive, and entertained than ever before. And since most iPad and iPhone apps run on visionOS as is, your app experiences can easily extend to Apple Vision Pro from day one — with no additional work required.

Timing. Starting this fall, an upcoming developer beta release of visionOS will include the App Store. By default, your iPad and/or iPhone apps will be published automatically on the App Store on Apple Vision Pro. Most frameworks available in iPadOS and iOS are also included in visionOS, which means nearly all iPad and iPhone apps can run on visionOS, unmodified. Customers will be able to use your apps on visionOS early next year when Apple Vision Pro becomes available.

Making updates, if needed. In the case that your app requires a capability that is unavailable on Apple Vision Pro, App Store Connect will indicate that your app isn’t compatible and it won’t be made available. To make your app available, you can provide alternative functionality, or update its UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities. If you need to edit your existing app’s availability, you can do so at any time in App Store Connect.

To see your app in action, use the visionOS simulator in Xcode 15 beta. The simulator lets you interact with and easily test most of your app’s core functionality. To run and test your app on an Apple Vision Pro device, you can submit your app for a compatibility evaluation or sign up for a developer lab.

Beyond compatibility. If you want to take your app to the next level, you can make your app experience feel more natural on visionOS by building your app with the visionOS SDK. Your app will adopt the standard visionOS system appearance and you can add elements, such as 3D content tuned for eyes and hands input. To learn how to build an entirely new app or game that takes advantage of the unique and immersive capabilities of visionOS, view our design and development resources.

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Take your iPad and iPhone apps even further on Apple Vision Pro

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