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[Infographic] [CES 2024] Enjoy a Smarter, Simpler Life at Home With SmartThings Discussion Topic

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Name: [Infographic] [CES 2024] Enjoy a Smarter, Simpler Life at Home With SmartThings
Category: Tech News
Date Added: 02/05/2024 07:40 AM
Author: Jubair Hossin Babu

As part of its booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas, Samsung Electronics displayed its leading innovations — including the integrated and expansive multi-device ecosystem SmartThings. Equipped with the latest AI technology, SmartThings adds a new layer of convenience to life, taking the hassle out of previously tedious activities.


From doing chores and playing games to preparing meals and caring for loved ones, visitors witnessed how daily life can be simplified with SmartThings. Check out five unique functionalities of SmartThings in the infographic below and some highlights from the SmartThings Zone.





▲ Visitors explored the SmartThings Zone



▲ Attendees learned about SmartThings Calm Onboarding — a feature that introduces seamless, automatic device connection to reduce time spent during setup.



▲ Currently including 196 compatible products from 48 partner companies, SmartThings continues to expand and strengthen its ecosystem to help users more conveniently monitor their homes, conserve energy and take care of loved ones.



▲ Visitors tested out the 3D Map View on SmartThings and viewed how the feature enables users to check and control devices and appliances using their home’s unique layout. 3D Map View will be available this March.



▲ With SmartThings Family Care, users are notified if their loved ones need assistance. This function has been expanded to more appliances and spaces so that loved ones in need can receive help around the house.



▲ Seamless connectivity between Samsung Smart TVs and Galaxy wearables allows users to view real-time workout data such as heart rate and calories burned while watching content on screen.



▲ (From left) Visitors participated in a game challenge event in the SmartThings Zone. Paired with functions such as AI Auto Game Mode on Samsung devices, SmartThings can create the perfect environment for more immersive gameplay.


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[Infographic] [CES 2024] Enjoy a Smarter, Simpler Life at Home With SmartThings

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