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Samsung Electronics Announces Shareholder Return Program for 2024-2026 Discussion Topic

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Name: Samsung Electronics Announces Shareholder Return Program for 2024-2026
Category: Tech News
Date Added: 02/05/2024 06:45 AM
Author: Jubair Hossin Babu

Samsung Electronics announced today its Shareholder Return Program for 2024-2026, following an in-depth review by the Board of Directors. After comprehensive evaluation of the current and projected business environment, the Company’s investment strategies and financial structure, and ways to enhance shareholder value, the Board decided to maintain the terms of the previous three-year program.


  • Samsung will continue to return 50% of the free cash flow generated in the 2024 to 2026 period.
  • The regular dividend will remain at an annual total of KRW 9.8 trillion for 2024-2026.
  • As in the previous program, the Company will return any remaining portion of the 50% of FCF after dividend payouts.
  • After finalizing each year’s results, Samsung will consider executing an early return beyond regular dividends if there is potential for a significant surplus of capital for shareholder return.


The Company will consider implementing a new policy flexibly before the expiration of the proposed one in consideration of M&A activities and cash positions.


Shareholders of record as of the end of 2023 will receive KRW 361 per common share and KRW 362 per preferred share after approval in March at the annual general meeting of shareholders. It is the final quarterly dividend under the policy covering 2021 to 2023, through which the Company pledged to return KRW 9.8 trillion annually in regular dividends as a part of a total return of 50% of free cash flow.


Over the past three years, Samsung generated a free cash flow of KRW 18.8 trillion. Including today’s declared dividend, the Company will have returned capital to its shareholders worth KRW 29.4 trillion, equivalent to 157% of free cash flow.


Samsung remains committed to delivering sustainable shareholder value and will continue to enhance long-term value creation.

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Samsung Electronics Announces Shareholder Return Program for 2024-2026

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